About Tee Algus OÜ (To Begin to…)

To Begin to build your own happiness is a great step. When you Begin To use your awareness the light will take a form!

We all know that everything occurs, when we turn our attention to it. Why not to begin to use your attention in awareness in order to have the happiness and wellbeing in our own hands.

Tee Algus OÜ has been founded in 2009 as holding company and for offering guidance and encouragement, sharing the knowledge and experience in order to help people to discover themselves and their full living potential.

In leading awareness to those aspects, that are important and thus begin to make positive changes in your lifestyle, work and private life.


Our goal and idea is:

  1. To live fully in the moment and be attentive to all that takes place;
  2. To realize the essence of life and be aware of Yourself;
  3. To keep a good balance between the inner and the outer world and the whole existence of the human being;
  4. To encourage creativity, entrepreneurship and openness to the new;
  5. To perform every action in awareness and in harmony with the inner voice.