Satyaa & Pari


Internationally renowned musicians Satyaa & Pari are giving one exclusive concert in Estonia on their way to perform in Moscow, Russia.

Satyaa & Pari have been singing mantras for many years, travelling all over the world. They share their music worldwide at various yoga festivals, spiritual gatherings, and concerts. Their concerts and seminars are an invitation to sing along and to arrive at oneself. Each of their concerts is a unique experience.

In the early 1990′s Satyaa, originally from Switzerland, and Pari, who is Greek, met in Lucknow, India, at the sangha of Sri HWL Poonjaji. Papaji as he was lovingly called by his devotees, emphasized the importance of Bhakti, devotion, as a direct way to recognize the Divine within ourselves.

Their mutual love for the Divine is expressed in Satyaa and Pari´s music, which is mostly self-composed mantras and devotional songs, and also includes some beautiful traditional bhajans. Each of their CDs offers a carefully selected, powerful collection of mantras and songs from the heart. Their CD, Surrender, is one of the most sold CDs in the international yoga scene. Today they belong to the pioneers of mantra and chant music.